“MWSC Utility Solutions” are designed specifically for resorts’ utility infrastructure development. The packages are designed to provide with the upmost advanced utility services, through a process which yields maximum satisfaction and value.

This is the premium package whereby the client is offered total solution for MEP ranging from design and build of utility network system to waste management of the resort.


  • Design and build of Water Network (Integration of H2O Package)
  • Design and build of Sewer Network (Integration of Sewage Package)
  • Design and build of Power System (Integration of Power Package)
  • Service and maintenance of water, sewer and power system
  • Waste Management


  • Free consultancy service on Operation & Maintenance for a period of one year.
  • Free WQA package for one year period, water and sewer tests inclusive.
  • Free Training on utility infrastructure maintenance.
  • Free customized labels with 10% discount on PET bottles for one year.

Service and Maintenance for Water, Sewer & Power System

  • Consultation on operation and maintenance of the utility components at the resorts.
  • Training to implement operational guidelines of MWSC (in liaison with EPA & MEA standards) at the resorts.
  • Occupational health and safety measurements.
  • A specialized operations staff from MWSC will immediately attend, in case of a huge operational failure
  • Quarterly visits to identify any problems and offer solutions.
  • Conducting performance audits and recommendation reports.

Waste management

  • Environment friendly methods to manage waste in the resorts in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • Initial survey will be done to ensure that the client is offered with the most suitable design for a waste management system.
  • Training of resort staff to manage the system.