Utility Services

Today, MWSC is a visionary with the capability to provide water, wastewater, electricity and waste management services

At MWSC, safe water is provided to the public after desalinating ground water into potable drinking water through the process of reverse osmosis. Water produced and distributed by the Company adheres to the standards set by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in the Maldives.
MWSC operates its sewerage system by means of a gravity collection system and effluent is discharged to the open ocean by means of pump stations and sea outfalls.
In 2014, MWSC embarked on providing electricity services to the people of Dhuvaafaru, under its Integrated Utility Services model. Power is mainly generated through diesel, although the Company is now shifting towards renewable energy as a form of power generation.
One of the key services implemented as part of the Integrated Utility operations is solid waste management services. As part of this service, MWSC collects segregated solid waste from households and incinerates or composts the waste to continue provision of service in a sustainable manner.